Google Adwords Ad Campaigns

One of the most popular e-marketing channels is Google Adwords Campaigns. There are many people who use Google Adwords in every field and in order to compete with them.
Pre-campaign phase

  • First, we identify the most important and highest searched words in the field in which we will compete
  • We do a thorough analysis of all of our competitors in Google Adwords ads
  • We make an analysis of the target audience and study its requirements and needs.
  • Able to create a landing page if it is not available to the customer to offer services and products to be marketed in order to focus on sales strongly.
  • Able to make professional designs for customer products.
  • Able to write unique and attractive content unique to all fields

Campaign setup phase

  • We begin to write an engaging and professional title and description of our service or product
  • We type the targeted keywords in the title and description
  • We make a thorough ad configuration


  • We follow up the campaign periodically and analyze it as it proceeds and prepares it until we reach the first result and progress on the competitors and thus achieve the highest turnout and interaction from customers at the lowest cost and achieve the desired goal
  • We also send monthly detailed reports to our customers informing them of the results of the campaign and the recommended amendments and recommendations to ensure a high level of success that we do not compromise on Advisor.
Google Adwords Ad Campaigns